Our services

The requirements of our customers’ individual projects are most highly diverse and specialised, often requiring good ideas and creativity. We do not get involved in standard solutions. Our employees’ many years’ experience working through these many projects is a useful building block for all new projects from our clients. In this way we can guarantee you optimum solutions, understanding of the subject and high quality work.

Services in Detail

We will accompany you throughout individual stages or throughout a complete project.

Consultation and designing

Our activities range from project preparation and project planning to implementation. We offer process optimization, energy saving, modifications, plant additions or conversions.

Introductory feasibility studies in terms of technical systems, permits and cost can be performed based on our skills and expertise.

Our entire range of services takes note of the state-of-the-art, current legal requirements and the standards of the Federal Republic of Germany and the European Union, as well as any company-specific specifications and guidelines. We offer our expertise and prepare relevant documents whenever customers do not possess sufficient resources.

Factory and General Designs / Project­ Management

  • Designs for buildings, structures und external plant - and the logistical processes
  • Determining fundamental requirements and preparing technological designs
  • Building design for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Determining floor spaces and areas
  • Expert Reports and planning structural decontamination and remediation
  • ACTUAL-Analysis and Nominal-Definition
  • Monitoring projects and risk management
  • Detailed designs and managing contact with authorities
  • Documentation and communication between project participants

Technical Processes Development, Design & Planning

  • Technical / technological design concepts
  • Process design plans and P&I Diagrams
  • Technical process calculations, such as pressure loss and pipe network calculations
  • Basic Engineering
  • Design approval (BImSchG –Federal Immission Control Act, WHG – Federal Water Act)
  • Definition of tasks for building construction, structural steelwork and E/ICA technology (Electrical / Instrumentation, Control and Automation)
  • Tender documentation and Specifications of Services

Technical Plant Implementation Designs & Plans

  • Detail Engineering
  • Layout plans and designs, pipework layout plans, isometrics
  • Pipework static calculations (using programming system CAESAR II or ROHR 2)
  • Developing pipe classes including the associated proof of strength calculations
  • Detailed design for materials handling and storage technology
  • Constructing apparatuses and vessels, containers including calculations according to the AD2000, ASME codes and standards
  • Construction documentation for structural steelwork (e. g. pipeline bridges) including static calculations
  • Fabrication drawings for equipment incl. parts lists

Structural steelwork designs; mechanical engineering & construction designs

  • Design planning, structural design through to fabrication drawings for structural steelwork for industrial plants, including static calculations
  • Structural and static engineering designs for technological structural steelwork
  • Static engineering using FEM and construction of tanks, appliances, vessels and containers
  • Construction and Finite Element calculations for reactors
  • Special constructions for mechanical engineering and constructions
  • Site supervision
  • Structural engineering design of steel-reinforced concrete for industrial and commercial buildings
  • Draft, approval and construction designs for engineering structures made of steel-reinforced concrete such as vessels, containers, lines, channels
  • Drawing up contract service specifications, involvement during contract award, site supervision, invoicing and settlement, documentation, H&S coordination
  • Feasibility studies for conversion and extension of structural steelwork and concrete constructions within existing plants
  • Fabrication drawings, formwork and structural reinforcement drawings, as-fit installation drawings
  • Building & Structural Maintenance; Reurbishing Structures & Plants

Complete Designs for El./ICA Plants including process management systems

  • Instrumentation & Control, Automation plants and process management technology
  • Operating and monitoring systems
  • Field, plant and terminal bus systems
  • PCS7 hardware and software engineering
  • El./ICA (electronic/instrumentation & control, automation) fabrication drawings
  • Specification of El./ I&C installations and equipment and Package Units
  • Participating in drawing up PFD and P&ID drawings
  • Participating in RA risk assessment and safety considerations (HAZOP/PAAG)
  • Participating in SIL /PL classification incl. realisation
  • Complete Designs for Electrical Technology (Medium Voltage, Low Voltage, DC, UPS and MCC switchgear and control gear plants; ET concept (power balance, distribution, supply, discharge etc.); Cable layouts and route mapping designs; Earthing, lightning protection, potential equalisation etc.;TGA, lighting and power point layouts and designs etc.)

Designing Building Technology Plant

  • Designs and layouts for heating, climate control, ventilation, sanitary, cold water and coolant systems
  • Developing plant concepts according to individual customer specifications
  • Preparing design, approval and implementation drawings
  • Preparing specifications of services and tender evaluations to support the contract award stage
  • Monitoring and coordination of implementation works (specialist site supervision)
  • Co-ordinating the overall design of buildings encompassing different disciplines
  • Developing design concepts to optimize energy usage aspects for existing plant
  • Preparing energy certificates according to the Energy Saving Ordinance
  • Recording existing plants and drawing 3D models using the latest CAD software based on AutoCAD and MicroStation
  • Commissioning and technical documentation

Selected projects

We realize factory designs, general design plans and take on Project Management, for example for: Processing plants in the chemical industry, sugar extraction and processing plants, power generation plants, sewage and wastewater plants, waterworks, and water treatment plants, silos and bulk material handling technology, compressed air plants, industrial pipeline construction, steam and condensation management plants, tanks, vessels and containers, and many others too. We design building technology plants for heating works, climate control, ventilation and sanitary technology. We cover all phases of performance of the HOAI (The Official Scale of Fees for Architects and Engineers Services). We draw up structural and static engineering drawings for construction projects and technological structural steelwork, for example: industrial buildings, platforms, installation supports, sub-structures for vessels, containers and apparatuses, staircases, pipework bridges, specialist transport or conveying facilities, loading terminals, and many other aspects.